“Jack Grace, a singer/ songwriter born and bread in sunny, sunny Bournemouth. Still in his 20’s, Jack’s vocal elasticity has been compared to the likes of Nick Drake meets Buckley with a song craft years ahead of his age. Writing about experiences and events that have happened in life. Taking influence from “Love, Lust, Life, Anger, Joy, Dreams, Film, Photography and Buckley, lots of Buckley”

“I see myself as genre’ly challenged, why limit yourself from experimenting and expressing to your full potential. I like to amalgamate things that influence me, obviously all my influences aren’t from the same genre or half the time even music, so why do I have to stick to one genre or medium if I’m inspired by many. If I want to write a ballad featuring a string arrangement, I will. If I want to write a groovy soul/ funk tune, I will. I don’t see the logic in sticking to the same limitations every time I want to write music.”